How Striver Came About


Derek Croghan

Striver was borne from one teacher’s passion to get kids fit, healthy and happy.

I’m Derek Croghan, a primary school teacher from Hove.  I saw how sports apps had motivated millions of adults to get active in their lives and began to develop an idea to combine sports and technology in schools to have a similar effect.

Through my school, I heard of a national competition being run by Ed-invent, an organisation that looks to build the voice of educators in the education technology sector. The remit was to come up with an idea that would serve a real purpose in education but also one that a successful business could be built around. While all the time honing and tweaking the idea, I attended the regional round of the Ed-invent competition and secured a place at the national final in Cambridge.

The national final was a weekend long event where the contestants spent the first two days developing our ideas under the guidance of industry experts leading up to a final presentation. The weekend was an amazing success for the newly named idea ‘Striver’ as I claimed first prize.

The weekend brought about much interest in Striver and it was one of the mentors from the final, Maria Brosnan, who joined me on the Striver journey. Maria brought to the table a breadth of experience as the MD of a successful educational production company and a Director of BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) and a real enthusiasm to bring the idea to life.

We believe Striver can make a real difference in the lives of young people and help you guide your pupils into becoming the fit, healthy and happy adults of the future.



Maria is the MD of Striver, having run two small businesses in the Education sector for over 10 years.  She was Chair of the EdTech group and an Executive Director of BESA [British Educational Suppliers Association].  She is also a parent and passionate about tackling the issues of inactivity and obesity in children.  Maria joined Derek in bringing Striver to life, because it is a fantastic vehicle to engage children with sport from a young age.


Maggie is CEO of Scottish Squash and a Board Director with Lancashire Sports Partnership. Maggie gained a Bachelor of Education with Honours followed by a Masters Degree from Carnegie College Leeds before working as a teacher and Head of PE. Maggie competed internationally at 400m hurdles and was a Senior Athletics Coach before becoming Head of Coaching for UK Athletics and then Head of Participation for the British Equestrian Federation. Maggie is an Accredited Executive Coach and high level strategic director, with  experience of leadership and operational management across sport, education and health sector. She has a lifelong involvement in national and international sport.


Heidi has worked with schools for over 10 years, promoting award-winning educational ICT resources, learning platforms, youth development programmes, work books, reading books, competitions, training courses and more.  Most recently she was part of the team at Espresso Education who were among the first companies to bring e-learning to primary and secondary schools, growing from a small start up to a market leader and recent ICT Company of the Year.

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