Are you looking to add more structure to playtimes at your school, without having to sacrifice valuable staff resources? Striver is the exciting new solution which more and more schools are turning to.

Using our range of sporting activities like ‘ball swap’ and ‘fly try’, you can keep pupils engaged and active. These activities are easy to set up and require just a few pieces of equipment, all of which you will already have at your school.

Scores from the activities are entered online by specially chosen Striver Captains and/or playground leaders. This allows pupils to track their improving skills and also for competitions to be organised between classes and house teams. Click here to see these activities, videos and lesson resources in action.

How else can Striver benefit your school?

– Access a range of lessons plans to help all teachers, regardless of their specialism, deliver outstanding PE lessons

– Run skills competitions within your school or against other schools, contributing to Level 1 competitions if you’re going for the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark

– All pupils can log in to the website to track the development of their own skills, check up on competition scores and access all the Striver activities themselves to practise in their own time.

…and much more!