Sport offers children the perfect opportunity to improve their physical stamina.  But a recent report by the Youth Sport Trust shows that most 5-7 year olds are getting an average of only 102 minutes of PE lessons each week.  And of that, most PE lessons include approximately 7 minutes of physical activity!

So how do we improve stamina?  As in other subjects, the answer lies in getting children to feel a sense of real purpose in what they are doing.  For instance ensuring they understand that building ball-handling skills will mean they will be better at basketball.  This adds context and meaning to what might otherwise seem a boring drill, rather than the key to excellence.

Another way is to reward effort.  This can be as simple as a well-earned pat on the back, but it’s not always easy to see who is making progress in a busy PE lesson.  This is where Striver can really help.  By keeping track of scores just once a week, you will quickly start to build up a profile of each child.  And with individual log-in, children can proudly share their medal tally with their family at home.

Seeing their own improvements will motivate children and automatically build stamina.