Tim Quick, the PE teacher at Chesswood Junior School talks about how he gets his children Striving in this short video.

Chesswood Junior School - Striving to maintain an active lifestyle

At Chesswood we have a very diverse cohort of pupils from those with special educational needs to those kind of elite athletes as well.

Our priorities and goals for PE are to maintain a healthy active lifestyle, to encourage children to make the right choices. We’re also doing a lot of work around Leadership.


Simple motivational activities

Striver’s been a great help for this, as it’s been focusing on very short activities, keep the children motivated. They enjoy looking at the league tables and seeing how well they’re doing against others classes and other schools.

I’ve used Striver for many different reasons. For whole class based activities, like Ball Swap and Fly Try.  We also used some of the other activities in PE lessons to build up general skill bases and fitness. 

Easy to set up

With my Year 6’s then, a lot of them are sports leaders in the school, so they take on the responsibilities of looking after certain activities. I gave them various different resources from the Striver website and said ‘off you go’ and they ran the whole session for the rest of their class.  It was incredibly easy.

The pupils have engaged really well with Striver. They’re constantly looking to improve on their personal bests and helping each other with it. If they scored very low the first time, I may ask them to double it or try and double it. If they scored very high, just add 1 or 2 or to match their score. It is a very motivational for them.

Encourages reflection and self improvement

When pupils haven’t beaten their score, or scored very low, they will quite often say ‘oh I kicked the cone or I dropped the ball’ or things like that, reflecting on what they’ve done wrong and how they can improve.


They also adapted the activities, for instance making the gate smaller and passing to each other.  It made their accuracy so much better. And they get a real sense of achievement when they do it.

Curriculum aligned

Striver fits nicely with the new national curriculum. The virtual competition element against other schools is really good because the pupils like to see if they’ve beaten other year groups and schools.

The instruction videos are brilliant too.  It’s really helpful seeing both adults and children doing the activity.