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Physical activity has multiple, far reaching effects that last into adulthood. For example, the physical training in a typical soccer practice helps reduce the risk for depression while the strength training in that same practice will increase long-term skeletal health. A commitment to physical activity is an investment in the future. 

Kids spend most of their day at school. If we want active kids, we need active schools. Many studies have shown a direct link between physical activity and academic performance. Active kids are better able to focus their attention, quicker to perform simple tasks, and have better problem-solving abilities.

Considering the serious costs and consequences, it is difficult to imagine why more hasn’t been done to address a physical inactivity epidemic that takes hold as economies grow.

The science is clear. Physical activity does more than create good health. It contributes to leadership, productivity and innovation. It lowers depression and crime, increases educational achievement and income levels, and generates returns to businesses.

The benefits that will accrue to individuals and nations are more significant and far-reaching than the world currently recognizes. The intellectual, physical, social and emotional assets of individuals will drive economies forward. This is an investment in an extraordinary cross-cutting solution that fuels human capital and human potential.

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