Growth Mindset

Striver encourages pupils to understand that practice is what leads to improvement and success. Pupils can try an activity as many times as they wish across the length of a task. This allows them as much opportunity as they need within activity sessions, to practice, consolidate and embed skills.  There is also the possibility to win virtual medals with every attempt at an activity helping pupils to make the link between practice, improved scores and ability.   

There will be times when children don’t perform their best in Striver just as there will be times when they don’t end up on the winning team or succeed at an academic task. By providing them with a log of scores and the opportunity to keep having a go at improving them, they are able to reflect on performance and learn from setbacks. As such Striver encourages them to see these setbacks as simply steps towards a goal that they have yet to achieve.

Striver offers the possibility for children to compete with themselves and as part of a team. Whilst some activities are done solo, some are done in pairs working as a team to get a common score. In these scenarios pupils can learn the importance of working together to keep track of scores and the value of supporting each other to be successful, providing constructive feedback and praise where appropriate.

Through our Striver Captains programme, Teachers are able to provide selected pupils with the opportunity to lead by example and have additional responsibilities such as recording scores in Striver or organising Striver challenges at break times. This gives the possibility for all pupils (not just those who are members of a sports team) to develop the necessary skills to lead and play a role in developing fitness and skill levels across the school.

Like sport in the real world, Striver offers children both the possibility to learn positive qualities but also to cheat. Scores can be manipulated or falsely entered and fellow competitors can be distracted or taunted. By developing the Striver Oath, Striver provides teachers and pupils with a great opportunity for discussion around sportsmanship and helps children to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with integrity.  We believe it’s all about respect. Respect for yourself, for your teammates and for the sport itself.