Using Striver is simple!

Striver is a primary PE resource designed to get children healthy, happy and fit.

BasketballSelect an Activity.  Activities are at the heart of Striver.  Choose one that suits the PE skill you are looking to develop or easily create your own, using our simple template.  Many of the activities include a high quality video explaining what the children need to do.  And a downloadable guide provides ‘on the go’ information and details of accompanying skill  builder games. You can easily upload your own videos too.

Every Striver activity is linked to the aims of the new National Curriculum for PE.

TargetRecord.  After carrying out the activity, pupil’s baseline scores are recorded by the teacher or a Striver Captain into Striver. Repeat the activity over a series of lessons and record the scores each time.  [You can do this directly into an iPad, or print off score sheets and have a Striver Captain take on the responsibility of entering the scores later.]  This is very motivating to individual children, as they are rewarded for their effort rather than attainment, which leads to the development of a Growth Mindset.
StriverReward.  As the children practise the activities, their progress is tracked automatically and their achievements are rewarded with virtual medals and printable certificates.  They can even log in at home to view their scores and share their successes.
25477fa05a3c46f9cc4eReport.  Scores are permanently saved, building a portfolio for each child.  And the reporting enables you to instantly see progression, giving you evidence of Sport Premium impact for Ofsted.
e9d3fd677f245cb9a9d0Challenges.  You can challenge other classes and Striver schools to see who can rack up the most scores, inspiring intra and inter-school competition.   These provide great evidence for level 1 competition in the Sainsbury’s School Games.  You can set these up in 60 seconds!  Striver also set up Competitions regularly that you can easily join with 1 click.



Sample Activity: Ball Swap

Or watch on Youtube.

See our sample Striver Ball swap Task Card to help with lesson planning.



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