Recommended System Requirements

The information below details the settings that we would recommend for the best experience of Striver. If any aspect of your setup does not fit these requirements, our product may still work but you may find some level of degradation to your experience of the product as a result. Please note that wherever possible, Striver would recommend using the latest available version of any software in order to provide the most reliable experience of Striver content – the below is intended as a guide only.


• Screen resolution of 1024×768 or above
• Windows 7 ond above; Mac OS-X 10.4 or above
• Sound card must be present and plugged in; relevant drivers installed and working


• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or above
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Apple Safari v5 or above

Connection Recommendations
Home Users
Any ADSL connection is likely to be suitable, but we would recommend a connection that allows at least 1-2 megabits per second for the best experience of Striver.

School Users
School users also need to allow secure web access. Ideally a bandwidth of 1-2 megabit/s per concurrent user will give the best possible experience of Striver.