In a recent article for BBC news, education reporter Judith Burns commented on improving PE skills in primary schools as a result of the Sport Premium but did, however, outline the need for schools to look to more creative approaches to motivating pupils, especially those regarded as being obese and who may have been ‘turned off’ by PE as it was traditionally taught in schools.

Striver rewards pupils based on their own personal improvement, which means that those pupils who historically saw themselves as being ‘no good’ at PE suddenly find themselves being among the top achievers in a class. Their improvements may even merit a medal; something they may have thought was beyond their capabilities or a privilege only for the usual ‘sporting prodigies’ in the class. Striver gives everyone who is willing to put in the effort the opportunity to be a winner.

It is this creative approach that can inspire pupils to make a positive lifestyle change, especially those that the current system may be failing to reach. Because of Striver, these pupils can feel like a success in PE and this can only be a positive step in their journey to living a healthy life.

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