With every major sporting event hosted on these shores comes the question of the legacy it will leave. There are mixed views on the lasting effect of the 2012 Olympics in schools and in the country in general (Owen Gibson’s article in the Guardian doesn’t pull any punches). Will the Rugby World Cup fare any better?

Whereas the Olympics provided a selection of stunning home grown performances to inspire a nation, the home nations didn’t exactly do themselves proud in this year’s tournament. Through a mixture of bad tactics, injuries, questionable refereeing decisions and below par performances, they found themselves chasing the tails of their counterparts from the southern hemisphere. New Zealand looked like an unstoppable force from the beginning and ran out the rightful winners.  They are a rugby nation and their new champions will no doubt inspire another generation.

Steve Grainger, RFU Development Director, has been busy laying the foundations for the last three years to ensure we make the most of this opportunity to get the nation active through rugby. They have invested millions in projects covering schools and clubs.

“Our legacy plans aim to ensure that new people are brought into the game, those that have left it are inspired to return, and those involved enjoy the best possible experience of rugby.”

“We want to use the six weeks of the Rugby World Cup to inspire people and to give them the opportunity to get involved in rugby and to enjoy a game that has so many benefits, both on and off the field.”

We at Striver are doing our bit too. We are running a ‘Fly Try Challenge’ from Nov 9th to the 27th to keep the momentum of the Rugby World Cup going. We are offering schools a free trial of Striver so they can take part. In that time, pupils will have a go at our ‘Fly Try’ activity and their scores will be logged to make a class total. A special prize will be awarded to the top scoring school. Schools can sign up for this exciting competition here. Let’s see if the kids can show the grown-ups how it’s done!


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