Last year saw many primary schools use their Sport Premium funding to bring in PE experts. In the majority of cases, schools chose a model whereby the experts taught PE while the class teacher watched on, seeing best practice in action.

With another year of funding, many schools have chosen to carry on in the exact same way but isn’t it time to change the model?

Some teachers have now had a year of watching top PE being delivered. Isn’t it time for them to put what they have learned into practice and get back in the saddle? With the continuing Sport Premium funding, schools are now in the enviable position of being able to ease teachers back in to teaching PE with the continued guidance of the experts.

The best way to do this is to team teach. Having seen how to do it last year, teachers should now be in a good position to have a go at delivering themselves, with the experts on hand to support and intervene where they see necessary. With a professional working relationship having already been built up, this should be an environment where the teacher feels comfortable to try new things and not worry about potentially making mistakes.

Schools sticking to the same model again really need to unpick the reasons behind this choice. Will teachers be learning something new or will the same lessons be delivered by the experts? Are the teachers not confident enough after one year of this existing CPD model? If not, how will another year yield different results? Will so much more time away from teaching PE really develop teachers’ ability to teach the subject?

It’s time for teachers to see what they have learned and move on to the next stage of their PE CPD, hands on practice.